Skin Care Mistakes That Can Damage Your Skin :

10 Skin care mistakes your’re malong that make your acne worse

Ten common skincare mistakes and how to fix them, he probably be surprised to learn how many people stick to their skincare routine simply out of habit day in day out the same actions but no results here are 10 of the most widespread mistakes you can make when it.

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Skin Care Mistakes That Can Damage Your Skin :

10 You change your cosmetics too often

Let’s all admit that it’s not easy to resist purchasing another, face cream or serum magazines, keep showing us endless compilations of the best beauty products of the season and cosmetic stores add fuel to the fire by announcing, discounts in sales however you need to be strong try to do your best to resist, temptations especially if you already have several items at home that suits you perfectly some people are afraid that their skin will become accustomed to their favourite beauty product and will, therefore.

Stop having any effect that’s why they keep changing cosmetic items but these people aren’t aware that their efforts are in vain your skin doesn’t adjust to skincare products over time, and more importantly unfamiliar cosmetics should be bought with caution a newly bought cream can easily become the reason behind an allergic reaction.

9 You use a facial scrub on a daily basisĀ 

Human skin has the wonderful ability to regenerate without any extra help, yet people still use scrubs and peels to speed up this process, it’s true that scrubs can’t help your skin peel faster.

Cleanse it and make it smoother but if you

Perform this procedure on a daily basis you risk depriving your skin of its protective layer this is especially dangerous for dry and sensitive, skin the wrong scrub can do more harm than good generally speaking, scrubs and rough brushes are not the best products for cleansing your face.

The perfect solution can be to replace them with light chemical peels and they don’t have to be expensive procedures at beauty salons nowadays, there are many items for home use that can softly and painlessly remove dead skin cells.

8 You don’t use a makeup remover

In an effort to simplify your evening skincare routine, perhaps you simply wash off your makeup or the dust of a large city with a cleanser or water, you might think you’re saving a couple of minutes of your precious free time but in fact, you’re unwittingly harming your face.

water and simple cleansers don’t remove all of the cosmetic particles

From your face, this can lead to clogging of pores, acne, and an increase in the oil content of your skin, so before washing your face it’s better to use a makeup remover like on micellar water, cleansing oil, or cleansing balm they aren’t just pretty. in useless bottles eager to enter your wallet these cosmetic products are vital if you want the best for your skin.

7 You use the same pillowcase for more than two days

Even if you wash your hair regularly and thoroughly cleanse your face every evening before going to bed your pillowcase, still needs to be changed more often than once every 2 weeks.

It stores dust particles of epithelium including the epithelium of the person you share your bed with and pet hair after 2 to 3 days of use, your pillow already has all the necessary conditions to decorate your face with blemishes.

if you don’t want to see any flaws on your face in the morning, change your pillowcase every 2 days, also try replacing it with one made of silk such a pillowcase will make your face look fresh and it will help your skin to retain moisture and stay hydrated addition it will protect your skin from rashes and premature wrinkles.

6 You don’t use a toner

A toner is a cosmetic product that restores the pH balance of your skin, it prepares it for further procedures, even your usual moisturizing cream works more effectively if it’s used with a toner this product is also replaceable after traumatizing procedures such as chemical peels.

if you include a toner in your set of beauty, care items you’ll most likely avoid such skin problems as dryness, irritation, in rashes, the main trick here is to find a product that doesn’t contain alcohol otherwise the situation will be exactly the opposite.

5 You use powder to remove the oily shine

Some people have oily skin, it can get extremely frustrating when your face shines 24/7, inviting products are of no help this can be a serious issue in the summer which is when many reaches for face powder to get rid of the shine, unfortunately, it can’t keep the skin matte for long especially when it’s very hot outside what it can do, is effectively clog your pores instead of trying to disguise an oily, shine with powder try knotting wipes admittedly they won’t provide a

long-lasting effect but they will remove unnecessary oil from your face without adding extra stuff to your skin for you.

4 You correct your eyebrows before applying makeup if

If you suddenly find extra hairs in your brow area or above your upper lip, leave them as they are until the evening, it’s unlikely that anyone will pay particular attention to them at the same time vivid redness or inflammation.

if you suddenly find extra hairs in your brow area or above your upper lip, leave them as they are until the evening, it’s unlikely that anyone will pay particular attention to them at the same time vivid redness or inflammation at the spot of a plucked hair will be visible to anyone no matter how much foundation you use if you do decide to correct your eyebrows wait no less than two hours before applying cream or cosmetics to the treated area.

3 You wash your face before taking a shower

Of course, you can wash your face whenever you feel like doing so while you’re taking a shower, for examples but you should remember that it’s better to use a small amount of cleanser to wash your face again after you’ve finished your shower.

the thing Hair products often contain silicone parabens and other chemicals that make hair smooth and soft unfortunately, they aren’t as useful for your face conversely by staying on the skin they can cause irritation redness or worsen existing acne that’s why it’s a good idea to remove cosmetics from your face before taking a shower to give your face, a final wash after you’ve rinsed your hair.

2 You don’t apply skincare products before going to sleep

After you’ve worn makeup for the entire day, you might not want to have anything on your face at all some people tend to entirely avoid skincare products tonight because they believe their skin should breathe in fact your skin will restore itself much more efficiently if you apply a night cream a serum or a mask to your face before going to bed, the active substances contained in these products neutralize the negative effect of cosmetics and help your face look fresh one.

1 You don’t use SPF products on cloudy days

it seems that anyone who cares about staying young and beautiful has already grasped the importance of protection from UV rays but although a lot of people have started to use SPF products on sunny days, not only at the beach but even in the city many of them still forget about sun protection on cloudy days unfortunately harmful ultraviolet radiation is always there even in cold Scandinavian countries this is why it’s necessary to protect your skin all year long, you don’t need to use special sunscreen products when it’s cloudy outside simply.

Buy a moisturizing SPF 30cream, and it will be enough for thehealth of your skin bonus.

How banana peel help your skin?

Very often the solutions to skincare issues, can be found in simple and natural things such as banana peel this underestimated product has an impressive number of Beauty benefits see for yourself banana peel effectively fights puffy eyes place the inner side of a banana peel over your eyes and keep it there for a few minutes, this product can help you reduce wrinkles by keeping your skin hydrated.

rub the peel on the targeted areas rinse it off with lukewarm water after 30 minutes the Nana peel treats acne and papillomas and removes warts to achieve.

the best result you should rub the targeted areas for several minutes three times a day. if you need to get rid of warts rub the peel over the affected area and leave it overnight banana peel can even help whiten your teeth just rub it gently over your teeth for a few minutes once or twice a day.

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