ways to make my face look younger

Here is a list of the 8 most important reasons why you should always wash off your makeup What’s till the end to learn why this simple rule is so important than the fight against the most annoying problem, acne You’ll be surprised how easily and quickly it works.

to make my face look younger :

8. Delaying the ageing process.

No, it’s not a myth scientists have proven that your skin regenerates itself every night.

If it’s not clean it will age more quickly. You won’t be able to avoid placidity and premature wrinkles will appear sooner than you think.

Spend a couple of minutes on this nighttime routine to stay young and beautiful. Trust us it’s so worth it.

7. Nourishing your face.

Skin cells regenerate faster at night and you can help your skin with this process, remove makeup, and then apply a moisturizer with antioxidants.

There’s nothing better than going to bed with a clean refreshed face also remember that using high-quality makeup is vital for your skin to be healthy.

Poor quality makeup can damage your skin and lead to serious problems.

6. Fighting allergies.

Your skin may be prone to allergic reactions even if you’ve never noticed any visible symptoms, Sleeping in your makeup can cause eczema and other serious health problems.

Now the symptoms don’t appear immediately but if you don’t remove your makeup before sleep, You’ll soon notice redness, burning, and itching.

5. Avoiding skin pigmentation

Have you ever noticed those dark spots on the fact that some women can’t a cover-up, Even with the best base available the appearance of such spots isn’t always related a frequent sun exposure or the ageing process.

They can be the consequences of chronic allergic reactions if you don’t clean your skin properly.

Wearing your makeup overnight can cause some serious pigmentation disorders.

4. Keeping your lips hydrated.

If you think that there’s no lipstick left on your lips by the time you go to bed you’re wrong.

Even if you don’t see it. Lip gloss and lipstick continue to dehydrate the delicate skin, and eventually lead the dry and chapped lips.

3. Preventing bags under your eyes.

If you often leave your makeup on, the skin under your eyes will soon become darker.

In other words, dark puffy circles and bags under the eyes are on their way, It’s easy to tell if you did or didn’t wash off your makeup the night before, Your eyes and the area around them won’t look healthy and fresh.

2. Preventing your eyelashes from falling out.

Never leave your mascara on when you go to bed, It dries overnight and causes your lashes to fall out. .your eyelids become irritated and swollen.

We recommend that use a non-waterproof mascara that’s easy to wash off, Always remove mascara with a cotton pad using gentle downward swipes, never use circular motions as they can break your eyelashes and make them fall out.

1. Preventing acne.

Now if you think this problem occurs only in teenagers you couldn’t be more wrong.

In fact, acne can make a comeback if you don’t wash your face, Clogged pores usually lead to pimples and inflammation if you suffer or have suffered from acne use special non-oily makeup and micellar water to wash it of.