best way to get rid of bags and dark circles under eyes

What do long nights up studying parties that run late and general stress have in common they all give you unsightly bags under your eyes, unfortunately, life doesn’t stop for them so if you’re pressed for time here are some quick tricks you can use to get rid of puffiness and dark circles around your eyes.

5 way to get rid of eye bags and dark circles :

1 Use a Cold Spoon

that’s because the cold reduces inflammation by constricting blood vessels, and tightening the skin a great gentle way to apply something cold to your face is with something you find in pretty much anyone’s kitchen a spoon.

using a cold spoon is a little less harsh than using actual ice on your face which is why it’s an ideal tool for reducing puffiness.

here’s how you can do it yourself, dip a spoon in water, it doesn’t matter what temperature, and pop it into your freezer after at least 15 minutes, take the spoon out and place it on top of your closed eyes, you can switch on and off from putting the spoon face up onto your eye and with the backside on your eye back do this for as long as it takes to warm up the spoon.

which should only be a minute or so you can also keep your I cream in the fridge for the same cooling, and deep puffing effect, and if you decide to go with an ice cube just be sure that you don’t put it directly on your skin wrap it in a cloth or paper towel it’ll act as a barrier to protect your gentle eye region from the freezing cold temperature.

2. Make Your Own Face Masks how to

to do you as your eggs scrambled over easy poached around your eyes wait to come again.

thatvide’s right eggs are achieved an easy way to give yourself a much needed facial egg whites are chock full of protein vitamin B, and vitamin E which makes them a great ingredient for a deep puffing eye mask.

that’s because protein is known to have skin tightening effects just put raw egg white on your eye bags and let it dry as its drying you’ll instantly feel it pulling your skin together.

that’s right eggs are achieved an easy way to give yourself a much needed facial egg whites are chock full of protein vitamin B, and vitamin E which makes them a great ingredient for a deep puffing eye mask.

when it’s done working, its magic rings,e it off and you’re good to go another ingredient you can find in your kitchen, that can help combat wrinkles is olive oil sure this stuff is great when drizzled on a salad, or on ready to roast Brussels sprouts but it’s also perfect for using on your face to improve your skin’s appearance.

using your ring fingers simply massage a couple of drops of the stuff onto your under-eye area don’t use too much and don’t let it get in your eyes.

the olive oil trick isn’t as quick as using something cold or egg whites you’ll need to do it a few times a week to see results, but olive oil does leave your skin supple moisturized and healthier looking.

3. change your habits 

puffy eyes can be caused by a number of things many of which are connected to your daily, habits so for one you can try lowering your salt intake while throwing a pinch of salt over your food can often save a drab meal the extra sodium makes your body retain more excess fluid all that extra fluid can show up not only around your waist but also in your face and around your eyes.

in fact just having one big salty dinner can result in puffy eyes the whole next day try spicing up your meals with a bit of lemon juice instead it’ll give you the extra flavor without all that sodium

another thing you can do in your day to day routine to reduce under-eye puffiness is switching up your sleeping position, I know it sounds bizarre and totally disconnected, but it really can help if you tend to sleep on your belly or your side you’ve probably noticed that your face looks puffy or in the morning.

4. Use a neti pot 

if you have allergies, a lot of mucus and nasty debris can collect in your sinuses which can cause dark circles and bags under your eyes.

if you find that you’re constantly struggling with this or it flares up during certain seasons your allergies might be to blame.

a neti pot is a great device for flushing out your sinuses especially for allergy sufferers.

but once you get the hang of it it’s a really easy thing to do every day at home, here’s how you use one first and foremost make sure the pot is clean and sanitary this is super important since you don’t want to be sending a bunch of bacteria right into your nasal cavity.

after you’ve checked that fill the pot up with a saline solution, you can find it at most drugstores you can also make your own saltwater solution by mixing half a teaspoon of salt with a cup of hot distilled water do not use tap water.

it can harbour bacteria once the salt is completely dissolved wait for the water to become lukewarm as this is most pleasant for your sinuses.

now lean over a sink and slowly pour the water out the spout of the pot into one nostril you’ll quickly see that this pushes right out the other nostril gross but kind of cool once you rinse one side sufficiently do it on the opposite side.

5. Exercises for fine lines 

even if you’re in your 20s or 30s you may have noticed sneaky little wrinkles making a home in the corners of your eyes, they are pretty annoying but crow’s feet are actually totally normal they show up simply because you will use your face.

you laugh smile squint your eyes on a sunny day but don’t worry preventing these lines from forming doesn’t involve turning off your emotions and walking around with a stoic face.

you can just tighten the muscles around your eyes with the help of facial exercises first always wash your hands before touching your face,then take your thumbs and place them on the outside corner of each eye put the rest of your fingers on top of your head.

now close your eyes and squeeze them tightly as you’re doing this pull the skin away from the eye with your thumbs in a slight upward motion hold this for five to ten seconds and relax.

do this exercise ten to twenty times or as much as you’re comfortable with if you repeat it a few times a week you’ll start to notice a difference sooner than you think.