9 Reasons Why Stress Is Bad For Your Skin & How To Stop It

Hi there have you ever felt stressed because of the pressures at work school or your social life in this day, and age stress is something that affects everyone according to STATS seventy-seven per cent of people in the United States regularly experience physical symptoms while 73 per cent experience psychological symptoms caused by stress feeling stressed can affect you both mentally.

1 Acne 

contrary to popular belief, acne is not a teenager problem anymore adult acne has become quite a common problem although the causes for adult, acne can be many things stress is still considered its major trigger you might experience breakouts and acne when your body is under stress.

this happens due to hormonal changes that your body experiences during these times, your body also releases stress hormones including cortisol which increases the skins oil production making your skin prone to breakouts next time you’re suddenly battling breakouts, and can’t figure out why you might want to check your stress levels lowering it by going for a brisk walk in the fresh air or try to incorporate some physical activity into.

2 Dry Red and flaky skin

if you’re stressed, then dry red flaky skin could become a problem for you, and not just in the winter recent study found that high levels of stress can deplete your skin’s natural moisture reserves.

stress can suppress hyaluronic acid production which increases water loss of the skin this causes the skin to become dry, and dull this increased water loss over a period of time can also make your skin more prone to having a red chapped appearance.

applying super-emollient creams with hyaluronic acid and ceramides can help offset the effects of course avoiding activities that cause you stress can also lessen the problem.

3 slow natural wound healing

stress that slows your natural healing might sound strange but there is truth to this studies have shown that stress has the ability to extend the time required to heal wounds by at least 25% or more.

the immune system plays a central role when it comes to healing and stress alters your immune system cortisol one of the hormones that is very responsive to stress. is also a major factor.

stress-induced an elevation in cortisol interferes with the body’s healing ability this includes hindering the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines at the wound site that is important for speeding up the early parts of the healing process.

4 under-eye bags 

under-eye bags can be an early indicator of the stress that your body might be experiencing, the most common cause of bags under the eyes is lack of sleep, which is usually caused by stress.

stress and lack of sleep can lead to an excessive accumulation of fluids in the space below your eyes leading to swelling and puffiness making simple changes to your lifestyle like going to bed at the same time each night and maintaining a regular sleep cycle can help reduce eye bags considerably.

5 worsen preexisting skin conditions

stress can have a really bad effect on already-existing skin conditions if you have pre-existing skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema stress can have a double effect on your skin.

heals slower when it’s stressed stress can also trigger flare-ups in your skin condition because of the way your body copes when you suffer from stress your immune system sends out chemicals that cause inflammation and helps heal wounds when the immune system over-response sending out too many chemicals it causes a flare-up worsening the skin problem.

6  regular rashes

we’ve already told you that stress can lead to acne, but it turns out your skin has other ways of indicating you’re stressed rashes that pop up out of nowhere is one of them rashes, can usually appear as raised spots or hives on your stomach back arms and face.

stress leads to adverse effects on the immune system due to the body releasing histamine which causes these rashes you can lower your stress levels by practising deep breathing and ultimately keep rashes at bay.

7 wrinkles

if you thought wrinkles only occurred due to age, then you couldn’t be further from the truth stress, can be a major cause of wrinkles it makes those muscles in your face too tense causing the facial skin attached to those muscles to be pulled.

wrinkled this constant movement causes wear and tear-producing lines wrinkles and pleats on the face over time taking B complex vitamin capsules can be good for you stress causes a depletion of vitamin B which is crucial for your nervous system to calm down take a tablet every day with food for best results.

8 flaky scalp

stress can cause damage to your scalp which is damaging to your hair as well in times of stress your hair might become oily ur or drier than normal depending on the way your body reacts to the shift in hormone levels some of you might experience flare-ups of severe Hayek, dermatitis a cousin to psoriasis and dandruff resulting in redness and flaking of the scalp for others.

it can lead to hair loss this is because under stress your body stops producing hair which isn’t crucial for healing or surviving but keep in mind the effects of stress might not be noticeable until months later it’s best to keep your hair care routine simple by using gentle chemical-free and natural shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair clean and hydrated.

9 psoriasis

psoriasis is another major skin problem, that is caused and triggered mostly by stress psoriasis may continue to aggravate further due to stress once it has appeared signs of psoriasis include raised red scaly patches of the skin these patches are most often on the outside of the elbows knees or scalp when you have psoriasis your skin produces cells at a much more rapid rate than usual stress produces hormones like adrenaline cortisol and growth hormone which sends your body into overdrive.

does the same for this skin cell production aggravating skin psoriasis aloe vera can help reduce symptoms of psoriasis flare-ups look for a topical gel or cream with aloe vera that contains at least 0.5 percent pure aloe vera to use aloe vera on psoriasis apply a cream with aloe vera gel to the affected area of skin have you ever felt changes to your skin during times of stress.